IPT/EGVE 2007 – Hardware

I just returned from Weimar, Germany, attending the Immersive Projection Technologies/Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments.

This has been a really interesting event. I’ve met some very nice people and learned a lot of things!

I’ll try to speak about the conferences later. In the meantime here are some photos.
Here are three pieces of hardware that were presented here that I particularly enjoyed :

Intersense IS-1200 VisTracker

Which I already presented here.

A.R.T. FingerTracking with Tactile Feedback

A.R.T. was presenting a prototype of its FingerTracking with tactile feedback. Three little wires enclose your fingers and vibrate can vibrate with differente intensities. This allows to “feel” when you touch an object, and have more precision when manipulating objects, especially when you don’t have a stereo display.

Haption Virtuose 6D Desktop

A small professional and precise haptics device with 6DOF (position+orientation), already presented at Laval Virtual 2007 :

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