ART FingerTracking


A neat new optically tracked device by ART, the FingerTracking :

The Fingertracking device is now fully integrated in the DTrack system, wireless and able to track two hands with three fingers each.

The Fingertracking device is an add on to the A.R.T. tracking system, which allows to track the orientation of the hand and the position of three fingers. It is wireless and works for one as well as for both hands

The output data consists of:

  • position and orientation of the back of the hand,
  • number of tracked fingers as well as a value to distinguish right and left hands,
  • position and orientation of the outermost phalanx, given in the hand coordinate system (see below); together with a radius, position and orientation of the finger tip can be estimated,
  • angles between the single phalanxes as well as their lengths; these values are estimated using tracked markers and empirical data.

Cross Fingers

– Hope it works ! –

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