Le FN in Second Life

This article [Fr] states that the extremist right wing french party Le Front National (FN), is the first european party to have a permanent presence, and the first and only official french organisation in Second Life.

I find it suprising that they think they can recruit people in there. I would think that the vast majority of SL residents are hostile to such parties. The initiative comes from a local branch of the party, not from the official party. I think this is a bit of provocation and a way to get free publicity.

It looks like the dozen of people they have recruited so far “are probably already real-world party members”, and that the party leader has no plan to do an appearance in this universe.
The Second Life Herald reports that residents are outraged, but as the party tries to look smooth, Second Life leaders won’t ban them until there is a manifest expression of racism. Should they ?
If you want to have some background infos on this ugly party, look here for some texts I gathered [Fr] showing their real face.

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  1. outrageous !
    I’m french(as you know it CB) and I’m scandalised such a partie is alowed in second life. BLAST THEM WITH ALL THE VIRUSES IN THE WORLD ! ! !


  2. Yes but why ban them from the virtual world while they are allowed in the real world?

    Maybe we have to accept the fact that 20% of our people vote for them, and fight them with other means than ban.

    When I was young and naive I always thought the cyberworld would be free of real-world problems. I believed that the real world matters would be left out of the metaverse. By entering this virtual world you’d leave all your real world problems, and start worrying about your virtual ones 😉

    That’s one thing I’m a bit disappointed about with SecondLife. Real world politics, companies, lobbies are active in the metaverse.

    So I’d vote to throw them all out, and begin living a pure virtual life, as people in WoW do, but keeping all the creative dimension of SL 😉

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