At last, the use of a Wiimote inside Virtools! You don’t even need a specific BB, only read values from a virtual joystick or emulate keystrokes.
Thanks to Carl Kenner for GlovePie and Deon van der Westhuysen for PPJoy.

(Sorry for the darkness of videos..)

GlovePie allows you to emulate keystrokes, mouse movement and joystick movements depending on other devices input or events. For example if your Wiimote X acceleration vector is more than a certain threshold, you can script GlovePie so that it simulates a keystroke on the Left key. If your game uses the Left key, using the Wiimote will have the same behavior. Or move the mouse left …
PPJoy allows the creation of virtual joysticks in Windows. You then script Glove Pie to map the Wiimote datas to this virtual joystick, effectively enabling the Wiimote in any joystick-based game. Or in Virtools, simply use a Joystick Waiter.

The car demo shows the use of GlovePie to emulate keystrokes. The tilt and roll demo is using the values of the accelerometers to compute the tilt and roll angle of the Wiimote.
Getting the yaw (heading orientation) needs the sensor bar. The translations are also kind of hard to extract, since you don’t know if an acceleration is due to a rotation or a translation (see Wiimote Motion Analysis for more on this). But David said he’ll give it a try, so let’s wait =)

Here’s the Pie script for the Car composition (which you can find in your VRPack/Samples/Tests folder), the Pie script for the tilt/roll and the CMO.

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  1. Hi there, this may be old news now. But just to let you know, there is a better method than having to run GlovePie now.
    I used a C# WiimoteLib Driver written by Brian Peek, to include the wiimote inputs all inside the same .EXE.
    I have a project that reads the inputs and order of accelerations for pattern recognition, and I wrote my first PC game (Happy Slapper).
    I have put the code for both projects, and findings on my website if you wanted to grab it and use any of it for yourself. I think there is going to be a lot of things that can come up from a wiimote on a PC. I have so many ideas, and not enough time 🙂
    I guess next would be good to have WidComm and Microsoft Bluetooth stack connections so that it can all connect automatically in game as well, that shouldnt be hard to implement and I will keep that website updated with my progress.

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