Virtools VR Library 2.0.5

An update of the VR Library (formerly known as the VRPack) is now downloadable.

New Features
• System wide dll loading: you can now load specific DLLs for all the compositions of your system, with the ActivateSystemDlls token. See Loading system-wide DLLs.
• VR Addons: Devices not supported by VRPN are supported through the VR Addons mechanism. Devices support now include CyberGlove, Vicon and WinBird. This mechanism adds the VRPack\Bin\VRAddons\Devices directory to the Virtools DLLs search path.
• VRSDKSampleBlend : a new SDK sample has been added along with the warping sample. VRSDKSampleBlend show how to use blending textures for multi-screen blending.
• The logging of errors has been improved to spot the errors faster in the logs.
• VRNR update:
o The documentation has been reviewed and improved.
o Head&Wand navigation now supports VR Addons. It allows you to choose the tracking and controller system you want to use (VRPN, Vicon, WinBird). The calibration settings tokens have been moved from the VRBaseSample.cfg into the different tracking system configurations files (VRNRConfig\Navigation\TrackingSystem). You can also set different calibration values for the head and the wand tracker when using Vicon and WinBird system (as you would do with VRPN by using multi device configuration).
o A Holostage VRNR display has been added.
o An HMD display configuration file has been added
o The VRNR initialization messages are now logged in the console and the log file.
o VRNav has been improved to show how to set collision detection.

Important Structural Changes

• Two new VRPack directories have been created for the VR Addons:
o VRPack\VRAddons : contains the samples, documentation and building blocks for Virtools 4 for each VR Addons devices.
o VRPack\Bin\VRAddons : contains the building blocks for the VRPlayer and the 3rd party DLLs needed by the VR Addons devices

• VRNR configuration files now also have a copy of the original file: VRPack configuration files had reference samples in the SystemConfig\ReferenceSamples directory. Each directory containing a VRNR configuration file will have a sub-directory named ReferenceSamples containing the shipped configuration files. When we update the configuration files within a patch, we don’t modify your files if you modified them, but only the reference samples.

Bug corrections and optimizations

• The stereo effect computed by the BB Set Stereo Settings is now correct for cameras which have a near clip plane different that 1.0.
• The stereo settings such as focal length and inter-pupillar distance were reset when going fullscreen or modifying the antialising settings. This is now fixed.
• Backward compatibility when using the Set Stereo Settings BB is now working.
• Under certain conditions, using the TrackerGroup token could lead to a Virtools or VRPlayer Freeze. This is fixed.

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