InterSense MictroTrax announced : a new Wand !

Intersense is announcing a new tracking device for its IS-900 inertial/ultrasonic tracking system : the MictroTrax.

It’s small, it’s slick, and it has a new Wand 😉

The new Head Tracker is over 40% smaller than the previous generation. The Head Tracker’s Wireless Transmitter has a clip to attach onto a shirt collar, belt
or anywhere else. It can also fi t easily inside a shirt pocket or an eyewear retainer. The new wand design brings unprecedented comfort, especially during long-term sessions.

From the official PR :

Additional benefits of the new MicroTrax devices include:

  • Comfort: The MicroTrax head tracker and wireless transmitter are significantly smaller and lighter than previous versions, increasing user comfort during long sessions. The ergonomically designed wand enables users to more intuitively interact with the immersive environment.
  • Convenient: The new docking station brings convenience by providing in-situ recharging capability and a common resting place for the MicroTrax devices when not in use. All devices were designed to allow for quick, easy replacement of spare batteries (included) by users.
  • Rugged: All the devices were designed with consistent elegance in mind, yet are durable enough to withstand rigorous handling during operation.

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