3D Photos by Fujifilm, from capture to display

Yay back from China, more about this later.

As you may know, I sorta like taking pictures. And I also sorta like VR. 3D pictures have been around since the first days of photo, but now Fujifilm is presenting __ ideas of prototypes __ to the digital consumer with a 3D camera (with autostereoscopic LCD on the back), a 3D autostereoscopic photo frame and lenticular 3D prints. The prototype set is known as FUJIFILM FinePix Real 3D System.


From Stereoscopy.com :

‘Built-in 3D auto’ determines optimal shooting conditions from both sensors. 3D auto means that as soon as the shutter is depressed, key metrics for the image, such as focus, zoom range, exposure, etc, are synchronized.(…)

According to the developer of the camera, the native storage format is one side-by-side stereo pair in one file, also containing a header area in which extra information is stored. This format is called “Multi Picture Format” (MPF), and is standardized by CIPA, the Camera & Imaging Products Association of Japan. An English translation of this very new standard (“Stereo Still Image Format for Digital Cameras”) is available for download: http://www.cipa.jp/english/hyoujunka/kikaku/pdf/DC-006_E.pdf (…)

There are no firm plans for commercialization yet.

From PhotographyBlog :


The over-sized prototype version of the Fujifilm Real 3D camera, complete with two lenses (and two 6 megapixel sensors inside).


A conventional rear layout, but note the 2D/3D button which toggles between the two modes.

I can’t wait to have to manually adjust my convergence settings =)

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