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  1. Bad news, it’s a pity to hear that companies like Trimersion is going down. 🙁
    Good that we still have a companies like Vuzix on the market of good customer-priced HMD’s.

  2. Hello Sebastien!

    Yes, I glad to have one Vuzix VR920. I must admit it’s pretty good. 🙂

    The most important thing, that is very valuable for me (and make it better than Z800) is it’s own stereodrivers, you even don’t need to have NVidia card to use it in stereo! And it’s also works on 64-bit OS!

    The secret is in method how the Vuzix stereo works, VR920 get the Left/Right-eye synchro-signal by USB, not by VGA.
    (VR920 also works with old-style NVidia stereo drivers as well as with native Vuzix)

    VR920 support up to 1024×768 resolutions (it has hardware resizer, which scale picture to native goggles resolution – 640 x 480) with 32 degree diagonal FOV (much bigger than trimersion had)

    VR920 also incorporates 3-DOF headtracking system, it’s pretty good also, have it’s minuses but quite stable. I use software smoothing for YAW-axis, and with this it works great for me.

    Also it include mic. and not-bad speakers.
    List of supported application for now is huge, and growing.

    It already worked in Second Life, FSX, and many first-person games and simulators.

    For person like us – programmers, Vuzix give a nice SDK with examples of stereo and tracking usage. It’s takes to me a few days to make vuzix-stereo support for my own applications! 🙂

    It’s lightweight, stylish, compact design, comfortable for me and the most peoples who wear it. Can be worn on regular glasses.

    Gives good immersion with lightshield (which must be purchased separately).
    I like to play with VR920 standing on foot with gamepad – gives really great feeling of immersion. 🙂

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