Immersive Rail Shooter

The design school from Nantes, France, keeps impressing me with the genius of their students. They have good ideas and make them real. Making them real is what impresses me more..

Here’s a game concept by David Arenou, using AR markers to track the player’s movement, but also to register the position of some real life obstacles.

As cool as Time Crisis but with more body immersion!

DIPLOMA : Immersive Rail Shooter from David Arenou on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for the news! 🙂
    AR so much lacks of real-world usages: and this one is really impressive! Nothing really new here but a great and eye-opening example of what games could (should ?) look like!
    From a technical point of view, head-tracking could be improved (there is a lag due to the fact that the tag is invisible when the user comes out of his hiding place) and the game itself could have used prettier assets, although the purpose here is to show how fun a simple game can be when you add immersion!

  2. Fivos > Thank you for your comment :). You totally got the point : simple, fun and immersive. That’s what I wanted to do !
    About technical problems, there are indeed time lags. I’m thinking of using multimarker tracking on the body or using the InfraRed of the wiimote to know if the player is visible or not. Work in progress !

    Anyway, thanks again !

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