Laval Virtual 2010 Videos

DS has just released all the videos they shot during Laval Virtual so thanks to them. Of course it’s only about applications using Virtools but it’s still interesting.

Featuring David “iVEvangelist” Nahon!

Randy Pausch once said about VR : “It has to be experienced first-hand. Simply talking about it is like describing color to a blind man.” Going to Laval Virtual is a good way to experience VR and open your eyes 😉

Here are the ones related to immersive VR :

– VR4D by Clarte. Original video here

– Multiplatform distant collaboration –

– Darwin Fear Theroy –

– AR Laster See-through glasses –

Immersive Rail Shooter

– Immersive Music Painter –

– Spider Hero –

– V3S. Not completly immersive VR but still has plausibility illusion

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  1. Thanks for referencing Seb. You may add the V3S one, which speaks of “Plausibility Illusion”, or cognitive presence, … even if not adressing the “Place illusion”

  2. Cool!
    I remember I was totally afraid of “Dead Space” game. Feeling of fear was on such high level that I didn’t even consider to play it in stereo, it is too much even in monoscopic 😀

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