Laval Virtual 2010 – Clarte VR4D – VR for Design

Clarte, who already brought to you the R-Screen, Ergo Wide 3, Sitac 3D and a lot of other VR pure joy, are now offering a very interesting application to help design small life spaces : VR4D.

As you can see, they use an iPod touch for system control (menus, numerical inputs) (B.A.T. anyone ??) . They can manipulate objects and virtual humans very easily and efficiently. They created a sort of virtual compass that you can sometimes see on the ground (the yellow arrow) to position yourself in the right direction and position.

But definitely the coolest thing is that you can create objects. I’ve tried the whole application and it’s really nice to stand in the middle of your creation.

They admitted that the video WorldBuilder was an inspiration for this part of the project.

I want to be like them !

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