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WiiRobot and a sword

That’s pretty cool! More infos at TechEBlog

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Create your own Open-Source 3D Printer for $2’400

Here’s a video of a project from Fab@Home, “a cheap self-assembly device capable of fabricating 3D objects” as described by News Scientist. “We are trying to get this technology into as many hands as possible,” Malone told New…

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My Wii and the child in all of us

By now you should all have had access to a Wii and been able to test it. I got mine one week ago, and I have to say I’m really impressed. Okay, after seeing games like Doom3 and…

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Sensics piSight : first review

[Update: This was written 3 years ago, the product is now much better, lighter and easy to use!] I’ve had the chance to test the famous Sensics piSight yesterday. I could only test it for 5 mins, and…

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GameTrak, a first impression

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QuickWrite is an input method created by Ken Perlin so that \\\\\\\”you shouldn\\\\\\\’t ever need to pick up the pen (ie: no clicking, only gliding).\\\\\\\”
I really like this input method and think it might be useful for symbolic input in VWs.

So today I played in Virtools with the idea of using Natural Point\\\\\\\’s TrackIR as an input device. Of course any 3DOF (it needs only 2DOF) tracker would fit (the Wii-mote for example).

Here\\\\\\\’s a video (slightly higher quality (6.4mb) ) of my experiment. I\\\\\\\’m quite a beginner at this input method but it\\\\\\\’s really easy to learn and write fast.

The 3rd dimension could be used to switch the output characters (uppercase, numerical, punctuation etc).

Read on for more infos about QuickWrite.

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Wii Video Feature

There’s a page at GameWorldNetwork with “25 Hi-def streaming videos showing how each and every Wii game is played using the Wii-mote.

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NVIDIA External Graphics solution

From this article at ArsTechnica, entitled “Coming soon: an external video card near you?” “NVIDIA has just released a monster external graphics solution for people who have exceedingly high demands for pushing pixels. The Quadro Plex 1000 is…

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BCI: Brain-Computer Interfaces

Take a look at the impressive videos of BCI ( Brain-Computer Interfaces) from the Graz University of Technology Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces. It goes from moving into a virtual world through thinking only, to manipulating a hand prosthetics…

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Silicon Graphics filing for bankruptcy

Via /. : see here

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Multiverse and "free for non lucrative use" software philosophy

Multiverse show an interesting concept. It’s (supposedly, I signed up for the beta 😉 a complete MMORPG engine, free to use as long as you don’t make money thanks to it. “There are no upfront costs. We only…

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