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Khufu/Kheops is back for good !

The great Khufu show is coming back and it’s here to stay! Friday 22 Feb. at La Géode, Jean-Pierre Houdin will be presenting his theory about the construction of the great Khufu (Kheops in french) pyramid. Then the…

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Kheops/Khufu, Photos, Video and next show

The first public presentation of the Khufu experience on the 24th May 2007 went extremely well. The show received a lot of praise. Lots of questions were asked at the end, and Jean-Pierre Houdin happily answered them all….

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The Pyramid and the biggest VR screen

On Friday March 30th 2007, the biggest VR screen was inaugurated with a great event; A big show at La Géode (IMAX theater in Paris) to unveil the theory of Jean-Pierre Houdin about his theory on the construction…

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