Kheops/Khufu, Photos, Video and next show

The first public presentation of the Khufu experience on the 24th May 2007 went extremely well. The show received a lot of praise. Lots of questions were asked at the end, and Jean-Pierre Houdin happily answered them all.

For those of you who missed it, the Khufu experience is back tuesday 19th june 2007 at LaGeode. Click here to book, the seats are selling fast!Here’s a gallery of photos I took during the all the preparation and shows.

Right click > View Image to get full view of the following samples :

– Fabien Barati (Emissive) and David Nahon (Virtools) –


– Jean-Pierre Houdin answering questions at the end of the show –

– Laurent Dondey (La Géode), Mehdi Tayoubi (Dassault Systèmes), Jean-Pierre Houdin (Egyptologist) and Fabien Barati (Emissive) –

– Fabien facing his world –

– This is not in the show, but I like this picture! –

And for your eyes only, a dark video of what you can expect at the end of the show. A great ride, where pilot Fabien Barati (co-owner of Emissive,with Emmanuel Guerriero, the company that made the application) leads the audience at full speed across the scene with an incredible dexterity. Sensations are guaranteed.

Of course it’s so much better on the real screen with the stereoscopy !!

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