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VR Nostalgia, look at the future!

Back in the 90s there was a lot of hype about Virtual Reality, but the technology didn’t live up to the expectations. I found this video of one of the most famous movie about VR, Johnny Mnemonic (1995)…

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Another world, another time

Tonight I went to a conference organized by the french chapter of the International Game Developpers Association, about old school game development. Invited were Philippe ULRICH et Didier BOUCHON, from ERE Informatique, authors of some mythical games like…

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The story behind the Trimersion HMD

[Update Oct 2008: The company seems to be dead now…] [Update Oct 2009: Worse, they are now being sued by their investors !! See comments] When I learned that eMagin increased their prices, I went back to look…

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