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Comparing HMDs

Marc Bernatchez, from VResources, has an interesting article about comparing HMDs. He compares angular resolution, field of view, stereo overlapping, and the relevance of all these factors when compared to human visual abilities. For example, here’s the summary…

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eMagin Z800 review

I wrote an extensive review of the eMagin Z800 HMD for VResources.org. Go read it now to know everything you want to know about this HMD 😉

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My Wii and the child in all of us

By now you should all have had access to a Wii and been able to test it. I got mine one week ago, and I have to say I’m really impressed. Okay, after seeing games like Doom3 and…

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Sensics piSight : first review

[Update: This was written 3 years ago, the product is now much better, lighter and easy to use!] I’ve had the chance to test the famous Sensics piSight yesterday. I could only test it for 5 mins, and…

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GameTrak, a first impression

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QuickWrite is an input method created by Ken Perlin so that \\\\\\\”you shouldn\\\\\\\’t ever need to pick up the pen (ie: no clicking, only gliding).\\\\\\\”
I really like this input method and think it might be useful for symbolic input in VWs.

So today I played in Virtools with the idea of using Natural Point\\\\\\\’s TrackIR as an input device. Of course any 3DOF (it needs only 2DOF) tracker would fit (the Wii-mote for example).

Here\\\\\\\’s a video (slightly higher quality (6.4mb) ) of my experiment. I\\\\\\\’m quite a beginner at this input method but it\\\\\\\’s really easy to learn and write fast.

The 3rd dimension could be used to switch the output characters (uppercase, numerical, punctuation etc).

Read on for more infos about QuickWrite.

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