Cyberwalk project

The Max Planck Institute, along with other german and italian institutions, is running a program called Cyberwalk which was first demonstrated in April 2007.
Their flyer explains it all :

The Goal
Un-constrained, quasi-natural omni-directional walking in virtual worlds
The Approach

The CyberWalk project follows a holistic approach covering science, technology and application by integrating the necessary blend of cognitive understanding with high fidelity technological development, to end up with a fully immersive showcase.

The site also has a lot of technical information.

Last but not least, it seems David Carmein, who makes the Omni-Directionnal Treadmill is directly involved in the project [Update: he is not, see comments..]

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  1. Cb, I wish that it were so. Cyberwalk did indeed copy my (patented) design without my knowledge or approval. But as long as they don’t sell any, I wish them great success. DC

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